Sanaa and Flying Fish Cafe

Friday, October 24, 2014



Jason and I did do two sit down restaurants during our stay at Disney. First, we stayed at the Animal Kingdom Lodge, and decided to take a walk over to the Kidani Village (the lobby for the Disney Vacation Club villas that are at the same resort) and have lunch at Sanaa. You can read our Yelp review here.

Welcome HomeLights at Animal Kingdom Lodge

You'll find most of the photos of decor and the atmosphere at Sanaa. This is because we were seated at possibly the tiniest, strangest (in an inconvenient place) table ever. The bread service barely fit on our table, and when our actual meal came (we split a lamb kefta burger which was tasty) there was no room for my camera to be, let alone me risking knocking something off while focusing a photo.

Sanaa MenuLights and Decor at SanaaJason at SanaaBread Service at SanaaNeat Lights at Sanaa

Next up, a favorite of ours, the Flying Fish Cafe at the Boardwalk resort. You can check out the Yelp review here - though it's based on our trip from 2012, our experience this time was very similar.

Flying Fish Cafe

First, let me show you some of the beauty of the resort. I think the Boardwalk area in general may be my favorite resort area, though I have never actually stayed at one of the resorts. The Boardwalk itself makes me feel like I'm running around Bioshock Infinite. The turn of the century, vintage boardwalk decor is to die for. Note: the creepiest chair ever we found in the lobby in the photos below.

Boardwalk EntryHorse in Boardwalk LobbyBoardwalk LobbyCreepiest Chair Ever

Super creepy, right?!

Boardwalk Hotel DisneyKatherine and Jason at Boardwalk

Obvious by the photo above, it was night by the time we got in the restaurant, and being sat in a corner where lighting was fairly awful, but the food was SO good. The photo of the steak and fish does it no justice guys.

Baked Potato Bread

Delicious baked potato bread with chives. A yummy starter

Flying Fish Duo of Entrees

Char-crusted Angus New York Strip Steak and Potato-wrapped Red Snapper

Potatoes Au Gratin

Au Gratin Potatoes (SO YUMMY!)

Flying Fish Bananas Napoleon

Carmelized Banana Napoleon

Food & Wine, A First Timer

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Katherine and Jason at Epcot

We've been dying to go to EPCOT's Food and Wine festival for years. Our birthday, which falls around Thanksgiving, is always within a few days of the festivals ending, so over the past few years, we have gone to Disney near our birthday and missed the amazing festival. Not this year! We went to one of the first weekends for the event during Dapper Day weekend. We are lucky - while we live about 3 hours from Orlando, my in-laws have a lovely home near Disney. Since this was a celebration trip (both of Jason getting a job and our 'unanniversary', a random, fun celebration of our anniversary we hold in September every year), we decided to get a hotel room and have me take a half day so we could do our Friday outing in EPCOT.

Jason at Epcot Food WineBeer Flights Epcot Food and Wine

Jason and I have become big beer drinkers over the years. What started as liking a few certain beers at a brewery in Hawaii opened us up to trying more things and expanding our palettes. While I hate some of them still (I can't do porters or stouts at all), I really love some. For instance - the Shiner Wild Hare Pale Ale in this flight was my favorite of the night. They even had Kona on draft at the Hawaii stand - a beer from that special place in Hawaii I was talking about.

Craft Beer Station Epcot Food Wine 2014Castaway IPA

After our initial beers to get us started, we started to get hungry. That's when we started going 'around the world' to sample both the food and drink. I honestly believe this should be deemed the 'Food, Beer, and Wine' festival. Because it all pairs so amazingly.

Pulled Pork at Hawaii Stand

Pulled pork with pineapple chutney and spicy mayo paired with pineapple wine and Kona Brewing Golden Wave from Hawaii. Jason's fave from the night.

Steak and Mushrooms at Canada Pavillion

A yummy filet mignon with mushroom and truffle sauce and a Moosehead lager from Canada. (Not as good at the one inside, but for 7 bucks, I'll take it)

Brazilian Cheese Bread at EpcotBrazil Stand EpcotBrazilian Cheese Bread and Caprihina

My favorite stand of the night? By and far Brazil. These little cheese breads (pao de queijo) were the perfect drinking food, and the frozen caipirinha was delicious and surprisingly strong for a frozen drink at Disney. And not sweet - I don't do overly sweet frozen drinks, and this was exactly how a frozen cocktail should be. Plus, how AMAZING does this stand look, even on a fairly raining evening?

KAtherine at Brazil PavillionJason at Brazil Pavillion Brazil Pavillion DecorJason and Katherine at Canada

We're going back to the food and wine festival in early November, so look out for more photos from the event then!

Long Walks in Quiet Waters

Thursday, October 16, 2014

One of our favorite daily activities is the dog walks. We don't own a backyard, nor do we really need to in order to exercise these two, because it's lovely weather and we have a lot of paths and areas to walk. We live across from a pretty large city park called Quiet Waters, which is free to enter on weekdays and cheap entry on weekdays, and we love to go and walk around the lake which has people on this water skiing track called Ski Rixen. There is nothing I love more than photos of my dogs pooped from good, long walks at a park. Teemo also played with his first coconut!

Teemo and Coconut 2Raynor and  Teemo at the ParkRaynor Walking In The ParkTeemo At The ParkRaynor at the ParkFamily Shadows Walking At ParkTeemo is so Tired!

Sweet Nectar & Oceans 234

Monday, October 13, 2014



Oceans 234 is our favorite brunch place. It's got an awesome view of the ocean, isn't far from our house, and the food is delicious. Check out the Yelp review here.

Eggs and Potatoes

Lobster, Shrimp, and Crab Omelette

Oceans 234 MenuView from Oceans 234Oceans 234 Outdoor PatioPretzel Bread

Pretzel Bread and an amazing mimosa (that came with my omelette)

Fish and Chips

Fish-n-chips (Jason's fave)

I went to Sweet Nectar in Fort Lauderdale first with my friend Leah to escape a rainstorm. Jason and I finally came back to this yummy, tapas style restaurant to try a few things. The corn is a must have, as are the fries, but I wouldn't get the bacon again (it was good but too fatty for us personally). I loved the chicken, but Jason wasn't as much as a fan. You can check out my review here, but it hasn't been updated since we went this time.

Sweet NectarPillows at Sweet NectarKennebec Potato

Kennebec Potato with Parmesan Cream

Corn at Sweet Nectar

Sweet Corn with Cojita Cheese and Spices (My favorite - come for this!)

Giant Bacon Slice

Giant piece of house made bacon with apple puree on top

Chicken at Sweet Nectar

Sweet and Sour Chicken

Smores at Sweet Nectar


Katherine and Giant Rootbeer Float

A GIANT root beer float with cinnamon ice cream.

Making Smores at Sweet Nectar