Sunday, January 1, 2012

The New Year

I'm not too much one for New Year's Eve celebrations - I wore a dress I've sported twice already on this blog with some tights and bow and played board games with friends myself. But I love the idea of New Year's Resolutions. So here it goes....

One :: Go an entire year without wearing pants.

I'm going to fold my pants and store them in my big trunk and they aren't coming back out in 2013. I'm sure this is going to be fairly easy as I hate pants anyway.

Two :: Tighten up the body.

I'm not about losing weight right now - I just want to tighten up and feel better in my dresses and what not.

Three :: Die my hair darker, again. Done!

This isn't really a resolution. Sorry.

Four :: Casual 365 Project

I'm going to start another 365 project in January, but this time I'm going to make it more about capturing the moment than good photography - a complete shift from my other two. If my phone's camera weren't the absolute worst, I'd rely on it. This is also to help me and my husband continue to communicate well and feel more together even if we are apart.

Five :: Combine My Blogs Done! Check it out - my old blogs from & can all be found here now!

I've already started on this, but I am importing the blog posts from my old blogs, (which is actually not totally defunct, but it became a professional blog, while the old lifestyle blog was hidden) and You will see some posts appears from up to 2010 (I decided going back further didn't really fit this blog) about my time in design school, older fashion posts, and lots of wedding related stuff!


  1. Simple resolutions, happy 2012 x kat

  2. Ahhh!! And can't remember if I thanked you for adding me to "who I love"
    thanks! x kat


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