Saturday, September 15, 2012

Style Icon : Bekuh of Secondhand Sundays

I could gush on and on about Bekuh's blog because I just love visiting it. Searching through her blog for imagery for this post, I was drooling over delicious recipes, wanting to craft away, and just be productive. Bekuh's style and love for life shines through in Secondhand Sundays. I am excited to have her here this month and think you will really enjoy reading her answers, and then her blog.

I'm obviously obsessed with your blog and everything in it! What is your favorite part about Secondhand Sundays
Haha. Thanks for being obsessed with SHS, you've got me blushing. My favorite part about blogging is the learning bit. I feel like I'm constantly being pushed into expanding my photography skills, digging deeper into my passions, and learning new skills in editing and html formatting that I would have never done on my own. It's funny that something I created has turned into a learning tool but there you have.

You're from Ohio, but now live in Roanoke, right? What do you love about your town?
Yeah, I lived in Ohio until I was 14 and then my mom, my siblings, and I all moved south. I really disliked the country when I first moved to Virginia, you know the whole driving an hour to get anywhere, but now that I live in a city again I love that the country is so close to the hustle and bustle. I think my favorite part of Roanoke is that magical combination of two world colliding.

You got married to your husband Ryan last October! How was your first year as newly weds? 
We have had quite the year! To be honest the first year was a lot harder than I imagined it would be, but I did learn that my home is where Ryan is, and the rest just doesn't really matter. He's my best friend, my ballast, and I really think we make a great team. Marriage is a process you don't learn everything at once and I like the process so far.

 You are such a crafty person - I love your DIYs. Where do you find inspiration from?
I'm constantly inspired by old movies, books, and fashion magazines. I grew up watching AMC, TCM, and TV Land so it should come as no surprise the the 1950s and 1960s are constantly on my mind. My Grandma is a constant source of inspiration to me; she's the classiest person I know.

 And food! You always show yummy foods and farm fresh goodies up on your blog. What are some of your favorite foods or recipes? 
Thanks! I love food so much it's kind of hard to pick favorites but today I'm craving sushi, macaroni and cheese, and blueberry cobbler so let's go with that. I have this old 1960s Good Housekeeping cook book and I have never been disappointed by a recipe. Old cookbooks are the best!

You really do everything well - including finding amazing thrifted items. What have been some of your favorite vintage or thrift finds lately?
Such flattery, haha. Some of my favorite thrift finds lately include an old lace table runner, a golden brown and black dress similar to this dress from Madewell, and a Liz Claiborne plaid wool skirt that is just waiting for cooler weather. I'm trying to find more items for our house but I'm being really picky so it's slow goings.

If you have a free day and unlimited possibility, what would your ideal day be like?
 For starters I'd wake up in Paris with Ryan and we would head out to one of the tiny bakeries in a narrow street near the Seine. We would sit for hours reading and sketching, and slowly make our way past all the bridges of Paris, stopping into shops, and perusing the little markets that pop up everywhere. We would buy baguettes, and fresh fruit for lunch, and drink champagne at the foot of the Eiffel Tower. To finish the day we would eat dinner near Sacre Coeur and as we held onto one another we would look out at one of the most amazing cities on Earth. That is a perfect day.

Any fun, future goals for yourself or Secondhand Sundays? 
I have lots of future goals, I'm very goal oriented, the trouble is I'm not sure when some of my goals will be realized. I want to really focus more on selling items through the Button Factory, I'd like to one day own my own shop, I'd like to see my blog become more focused and a sort of online portfolio of my creative work, I'd like to paint more and sell paintings. Basically I want to live in a dream world where I don't have to work all the time and when I do it's only at stuff I love and I'm passionate about. Don't we all want that? For now I'll settle for little goals like selling between 50-100 items online this year, completely understanding ISO and Aperture, and finish sewing that dress for myself.

Thank you Katherine for having me on your sweet blog and for believing in my little dreams. You're one amazing lady! big kiss, bekuh


  1. I liked this. I actually started following her blog because of your blog. : )


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  4. Awww, what a sweet post! This blog is new to me and she seems like *such* an inspiring person. Excited to follow and see her future posts. They photos featured here are so pretty!

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    I'm your new happy follower.

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  7. Her husband has an awesome beard.
    All of my beard loving friends would give him major man points.


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    BIG hair LOUD mouth

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