Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February Favorites

Now that February is at a close (happy leap year?!) I wanted to share all of the things I have been obsessing over this month.

I spotted this beauty in Nordstrom in Cleveland and ran to it. The interior has a zippered divider, something that I love in purses, but only one of my bags happens to have. I love this bag, but with the cost of flying to Florida (or driving) like I need to in order to see my husband ever, I have to be a bit more conservative and not buy $528 bags.

I bought one of these when my boss and I stopped in at a Trader Joe's in Charlotte, NC, and I picked up some more while I was in Cleveland. I want to devour them! The closest Trader Joe's to me is almost 2 hours away, so these are really a treat. The caramel with black sea salt is to die for!

I saw this on Kaylee Nicole's blog Wild Flower and I just had to have it. I ordered myself on the next day and I seriously cannot wait for it to arrive!

I adore this bed - it is so adorable, and Teemo would look stunning on it. Sadly, I know my dogs don't really use beds like this, and the only bed they use is this bed from Frontgate that I get on huge discounts at the outlet. Still! Their beds are ADORABLE!

An amazing game for PC, Xbox360, and PS3 that I could possibly purchase for all three systems and never get sick of (yes, I am a huge nerd and own all three of those things..ha!). My husband, close friend Mark, and I all own this for Xbox360, and most of February, we spent our evenings thousands of miles apart (one in Akron, Ohio, one in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and one in Orlando, Florida) playing the game together. It is great for us to all keep in touch, and the game has awesome customization options that make you never want to stop playing. Only sad part for me is that the girl character has very little health and I have taken to playing the burly super large character! In a skirt! It's silly. I love games where you really get to dress up your character like this!

Want to play this game or others with me? Add me on XBOX Live, my gamertag is "kitkatherine"

What are your favorite things from February? What are you looking forward to in March?

My March includes a trip to Las Vegas, a trip to Orlando, a trip to Connecticut, a trip to Philly, and my dear friend Becki coming in for the weekend! I can't wait.

Also, I still would love to do some ad swaps for March! Leave a comment here or e-mail me and we will swap ads for the month!

PS. It's spring! Did you notice my new layout? It shares the same aqua now as my portfolio & design blog.

Monday, February 27, 2012


Today Teemo got to go to the dog park for the first time in awhile - I couldn't do both Teemo and Raynor alone. We stopped and took some photos of us and the Fiat before getting to the park.





Also, this is one of my handmade sweaters - I made it almost two years ago. It's really cute, yet I rarely wear it.

coat : mossimo via target
bag : vahalla brooklyn via etsy
sweater : handknit from lion brand fisherman's wool
dress : esley via modcloth
tights : target
boots : love culture
bracelets : target
headband : forever 21

PS. One of my photos that includes Raynor is featured on a local Cincinnati rescue's facebook page.
See the post about it here on my design blog.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Turkey Chili with Porter and White Cheddar

Turkey Chili with Porter and White Cheddar
A few things you should know before divulging into this recipe :
one. I'm from Cincinnati, Ohio, and we're like the chili capital of the world. Or something like that. All that being said, I hate, hate, hate Cincinnati style chili. I spent my entire life detesting places like Skyline, Gold Star, and the multitude of other chili joints that are all over town. I only started eating chilli at a grilled cheese place that had the most amazing blue cheese chili. I liked that, but have liked nothing else, hence why I wanted to make my own recipe.

two. I also really dislike beans. Or at least kidney beans and the kinds in chili. Lima beans are okay - I guess. Anyhow, I don't do beans. So this recipe is bean free. I am also afraid of spice. This recipe is for a more sweet/savor chili, not spicy.

three. I am actually still scared of using my slow cooker. Leaving a hot, cooking meal in my apartment with my dog all day? Scary stuff.

So being forewarned, here is a delicious recipe for turkey chili made with lots of sweet onions, red peppers, a dark Porter for taste, and topped with shredded white cheddar and light sour cream. It's delicious and nothing like the frightening chili places I grew up around.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Get Yr Crayons Out

When I was in high school, my mom did this awesome thing when I got broken up with. I would be depressed, stay up all night watching the same episode of Gilmore Girls, and then wake up and go shopping somewhere crazy with my mom. This shirt, along with a pair of ankle cigarette Joe's Jeans and a tunic, were my first purchases from Anthropologie, the products of my last ever break up prior to meeting my husband.

My Fei via Anthropologie break up blouse on top of the Eiffel Tower, September 2006

Many of the things in this outfit are amazing things I have had for a few years. From the blouse to my treasured Marc by Marc Jacobs mouse flats to the vintage dinosaur earrings I bought at an antique store in California.

Now if only the wind had not totally attacked my hair, especially prior to meeting new people!

Primary Colors

Primary Colors

Primary Colors

Primary Colors
My husband made fun of me in this photo. It was really, really cold. I was tearing up.

Primary Colors

Primary Colors

coat : ann taylor outlet
bag : kate spade ny
shirt : fei via anthropologie
skirt : buttons via francesas collections
tights : hue
mouse flats : marc by marc jacobs (mine are a pony hair version from 2007)
watch : swatch
bracelet : market in paris
dice clock necklace : marc by marc jacobs
headband : found
dino earrings : vintage

Friday, February 24, 2012

Cinnamon Sugar

Today I participated in The Meal at lunch. But all I had was toast. So I made some cinnamon toast and tried to find a decent place to take a photo without people questioning me awkwardly. With toast.
Cinnamon Sugar 

My friend Kayla and I went out to a new restaurant for us, Brew 22. We shared some brick oven chex mix, became confused over the strange pancake and maple syrup bread that was brought to our table that we swore was someone else's dessert brought to us on accident, and enjoyed some beers.

Cinnamon SugarCinnamon Sugar

Cinnamon Sugar

Also, have you heard of It may be my new obsession. Their features are always things I enjoy, and often things I have been coveting but haven't bought.

Don't you think Teemo will be oh-so-handsome in this little coat? I bought this today - can't wait!

So have you purchased from What other online discount shops do you shop at? I have been a member of Gilt & Rue La La since around 2007-2008 (at least back when I lived in mine and Jason's first apartment) and have purchased from Beyond The Rack (which was an awful experience with terrible customer support). 

My outfit today features my favorite thing ever : my awesome cape from Modcloth.

Cinnamon Sugar

Cinnamon Sugar

Cinnamon Sugar

Cinnamon Sugar

cape : bluejuice via modcloth
bag : leather boutique in paris (2006)
dress : seventh day via modcloth
tights : hue
belt : anthropologie
cuff : target
shoes : report via nordstrom rack
neckalce : crave jewelry design via etsy
headband : goody

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Mod Dog

When I got my first pup Raynor in August of 2009, I was so excited to start buying her chic ribbon collars at stores like Moochie & Co. Raynor was destined to be a fashionista, except one issue. The dog is a tank, and being a basset beagle mix, she has a lot of low to the ground weight. She has broken through every collar we owned. Up until we found the Mod Dog.

Puppy Raynor wearing a leather buckle collar she ripped through

Kyra Vicory, of the Mod Dog, is very talented at making durable and adorable dog collars.  After ripping through yet another buckle on a collar while staying with my dad, I was determined to find a crazy durable collar, but I still wanted something visually pleasing for the princess pup. I began scouring the web for adorable chain martingale collars, and there was the Mod Dog.

-76 : the refined hound
One of Raynor's many Mod Dog collars, the Ely Collar

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Of Sour Cocktails

I love mixing my own cocktails, and back when we lived in Cincinnati, Jason and I were known for being loving guests capable of mixing great drinks and never, ever serving cheap beer. We were not meant to be college kids, ever, basically.

My dear friend Alyson making drinks with me during a Kentucky Derby party

This is a long post, so it's got a break! But here's what I'll be showing how to make!
Whiskey Sour, Midori Sour, and Margarita with homemade Sour Mix
Sour Mix & Cocktails

Monday, February 20, 2012

Hey Girl!

I love my new little dress from Asos - it's super adorable and comfortable. I paired it with a bunch of black accessories to match my backpack - one of my designs i completed for my current company. This is the first round sample, but inventory should be arriving later, and one case is already in stock. The backpack is my favorite design though!

Hey Girl

Hey Girl

Hey Girl

tights : target
belt : forever 21
flats : asos
necklace : tiffany (a great gift from jason a few years ago now)
earrings : fossil
watch : marc by marc jacobs (similar, but not exact style)
backpack : my design for current company
teemo's collar & lead : the mod dog via etsy

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Out on the Town (Cleveland)

I had a great time Saturday visiting with my in laws and friends in the Akron / Cleveland area. On Saturday, we went up towards Cleveland and spent the day shopping at multiple places. I found a bunch of great things - like a dress at Anthropologie on sale for my friends wedding, a pair of Seychelles wedges at Nordstrom rack, and lots of goodies at Trader Joe's.

Cheryl's Cookies in Beechwood Mall

Cookies at Cheryl's in Beechwood Mall


Boneless Beef Rib at Europa

Jeni's Homemade Ice Cream

Jeni's in Chagrin Falls

Jeni's Homemade Ice Cream

Jeni's Homemade Ice Cream

Riesling Poached Pear Sorbet & Wildberry Lavendar Ice Cream

Jeni's Homemade Ice Cream

A Day of Dressing Rooms

I considered purchasing this dress at Lilly Pulitzer, but decided it wasn't really my style, and I can't wear cream to a wedding.

A Day of Dressing Rooms

I did all my outfit photos in the dressing rooms, a theme I suppose. I ended up buying that purple dress you see for my friends wedding, but they only had a 2 and a 6, not a 4, so I bought the 6 and am getting it altered. It was half off - so it's still a great deal.

A Day of Dressing Rooms

coat : forever 21
bag : hobo international via modcloth
dress : sparkle and fade via urban outfitters
tights : j crew
flats : kimichi and blue via urban outfittters
belt : aerie
watch : marc by marc jacobs
necklace : tiffany
earrings : fossil

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Flashback : Barefoot on a Summer Night

Out of the long list of things I truly miss about my husband, having someone around to take photos with me so I didn't seem like the insane person out behind some corporate building taking snap shots of herself (yes, my favorite place is tucked behind some corporation with a duck pond). Plus, my husband has a real eye for photos. These are from this August when we visited my sister in law in Washington, Missouri, a small town about an hour outside of St. Louis. This dress has been on here before and is one of my husband's favorite pieces of mine - in fact, he picked it out. He also has a great eye for dresses.

oh those mirror shots

I do miss braiding my hair like this!

barefoot  on a summer night

barefoot on a summer night : detail

white wines on a hot summer night

We went to this large winery that was out in a cornfield with sun flowers. It was like 110 degrees out.


dress : girls from savoy via anthropologie
necklace : crave jewelry design
shoes : marc jacobs (the ones that used to be featured on my banner)
earrings : francesca's collections
bangle : kate spade
sunnies : ray ban

Thursday, February 16, 2012

I Wish I Was ... Jenny Lewis

I think one of my first style icons ever was Jenny Lewis. I fell in love with Rilo Kiley and Jenny herself years ago, and photos of her from magazines have been taped into all my old inspiration journals I used to keep in high school. I used to have a name necklace like the one below from that same website only in silver just because Jenny has one too. Too bad I accidentally broke it :( Her vintage inspired style with a lot of one of a kind pieces is just perfect - and she always has wayfarers on. I'm a clubmaster girl myself though.

That swim top was named after her!