About The McAdoos


Welcome! We're glad you stumbled across us. We're Jason and Katherine - two 26 year-old designers with a love for travel, dogs, and Disney. We're both from Ohio (though opposite corners) and have spent time living in Pennsylvania and now Florida. This is where we like to share all of the memories we have together.

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This blog was born from Katherine's personal style blog, Of Corgis & Cocktails. After 3 years, it felt right to transition into a place that focused more about what our life had become. After a few years of living in different states, switching jobs, and a lot of disruptions, we finally settled down near Fort Lauderdale, Florida. This blog talks about our travels, our beloved pups, the places we eat, the beer and cocktails we drink, and our many trips to Disney World (that's a main reason we ended up in the sunshine state, after all!)

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Photos in this site are taken by either Jason or Katherine and occassionaly, a sweet friend. Since 2013, I’ve owned a micro four-thirds camera (Panasonic GX7) and before that shot with a Canon 60D. You can find out more about my equipment and some photo tips here. The design, code, and content of this site was created by us, unless otherwise noted.