About Katherine & Teemo

All Smiles in Florida

I’m Katherine - a 26 year old designer from the mid-west who loves to travel, spend time with my little family, and explore. This blog is where I am able to share everything with creative freedom - from recipes to dog photos to style posts that feature the many areas I visit. You’ll find me up and down the east coast exploring in my little orange Fiat.

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My husband and I share the same birthday - his name is Jason. This blog was born when he and I spent some time in different states when we were first married. I was living alone for my first time in a brand new area with only my corgi mix and faithful companion, Teemo, by my side. Since it was just the two of us  staying at home, making fancy cocktails and dinners, the blog is named for its origin with just me and Teemo. Our other pup, a basset hound mix named Raynor, is the older (and first) dog and kept Jason company in Florida. Now we are all together though, happily living north of Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

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Photos in this site are taken by either myself or my husband, and occassionaly, a sweet friend. Since 2013, I’ve owned a micro four-thirds camera (Panasonic GX7) and before that shot with a Canon 60D. You can find out more about my equipment and some photo tips here. The design, code, and content of this site was created by me and me alone, unless otherwise noted. I’ll always give credit when it’s due - I believe in sharing work freely but also giving correct credit to those who have worked hard. I have a full time job as a web designer, and if you are interested, you can see some of my work here