Of Corgis and Cocktails works with affiliates and contains links from advertisers. This means, if you click on a link from my site, I may (or in some cases may not) get a commission from it. I will love you for this. My posts are totally my own and not influenced by my affiliates. I work with brands I trust and wear often, so you will see that brands I am affiliated with are only ones I would trust with my first born. Well, my first born's wardrobe it is.

Product Reviews
I accept products that I believe both my readers and I will enjoy to review and/or style in my blog. All items I am sent for use on Of Corgis and Cocktails are marked with a c/o (care of) indicating I received the item free of charge to promote on my blog. I only accept products that I believe in and stand by fully and will never promote something of a lower standard. Readers, I do use these items on a basis that extends more than just for blog photos and use the products as I would with something I purchased.

Giveaways and/or Contests
Giveaways and/or contests are accepted. Giveaways occur once a month on the 20th and are scheduled in advance. I only accept giveaways of products or gifts that fit within the focus of fashion, food, or dogs and are of a quality and style that my readers expect from me. These posts are noted with a 'giveaway' tag and the sponsor is noted in the rules and info of each giveaway.

Sponsored Posts 
A sponsored post is where I receive monetary value to promote items or content directly to readers. I evaluate this on a case by case basis and only accept offers where I have creative control of the content and that fit within the focus of fashion, food, or dogs. These posts are noted with the tag 'sponsored'.

Banners and promotions located on the blog are accepted through Passionfruit starting in November of 2012. Some of these receive monetary or product for compensation,  some are affliate links (see above), and some are in exchange for links placed on the sidebar. If you are interested in advertising, please visit my sponsorship page.

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