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Of Corgis & Cocktails is lifestyle blog that aims to spread the joy I get from all of my favorite things - style, travel, food, and pups. This blog is built on my personal background of design and trend forecasting. Post types include outfit posts, recipe posts, dog related, and travel posts. Of Corgis & Cocktails’ styling is upbeat and colorful with a simplistic but bright color scheme and feel.

Statistics as of 7/11/2014
Pageviews last month (June 2014) :: 9,631
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I run very few, select sidebar ads for companies that I truly believe in, wear or use often, and want to support. If you are interested in learning more about rates or my advertising program, please e-mail me at katherine@ofcorgisandcocktails.com

Sponsored Posts
Sponsored posts are accepted on a case by case basis. I always write my own content and do not accept sponsored posts that use another voice. I always send previews of the post and work with you to get the content exactly right for your brand. For more information, contact me at katherine@ofcorgisandcocktails.com

Products For Use In Posts
I am happy to accept products and services for review that fit into the categories that Of Corgis & Cocktails focuses on. My opinions will be expressed honestly about your service or product, but mostly integrated into style, recipe, or dog posts depending. Many products will pop up again and again in posts due to the nature of remixing (wearing the same clothes in different ways). Please e-mail me to find out more.

Giveaways are run frequently on this blog to offer readers a thanks for visiting and help out businesses I love! Be sure to contact me about getting a space on the calendar for your giveaway.

Of Corgis & Cocktails is a for profit blog. I support and advertise brands and products that I personally stand by and believe represent a good product or service for my readers. Advertisements must fit into one of the following categories : fashion(apparel, jewelry, etc), food, pets, travel, and photography. This blog reserves the right to remove any advertisements or posts due to unethical business practices or decline any requests due to not fitting the blog's target audience. For full disclosure, please click here.